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Achieving Maximum Profit with Our Food and Beverage Cost Management Platform

Prophit makes it easy to track and manage your food and beverage costs. Our automated system ensures that all costs are accurately tracked and reported, allowing you to quickly identify areas of improvement. By automating your costs, you can save time and increase your profits.

How Prophit helps you succeed

Automated Cost Tracking

Our system provides automated cost tracking, eliminating the need for manual tracking using spreadsheets. This ensures accurate and timely cost analysis without any effort, enabling you to make informed decisions and improve profitability.

Assembly Time Management

Our platform allows you to manage your production run and assembly time efficiently. You can optimize production schedules and make better use of your resources, ensuring timely completion of orders.

Inventory and Waste Tracking

The system automatically tracks the inventory and waste, enabling you to manage them more efficiently. This reduces the risk of stock outages or overstocking, saving you money and time.

Increase your earnings

Powerful, detailed cost tracking that allows you to define scalable profit margins

Save hours preparing and fulfilling orders

In an instance, know the total ingredients, materials, and time needed to fulfill orders on demand

Product and recipe storage

Get a bird's eye view of your products, recipes, and ingredients and materials all in one place

Two subscriptions. Same great features

No payment required to start. Upgrade your account before or after the 14 day free trial ends.

It's like 2 months free!


$35 / month

Billed monthly

Save 15%


$30 / month

$360 billed annually

Testimonial & Results

If your business is not making a profit, then it's a hobby. I was the sole operator of my business. The busyness of fulfilling customer orders hid the fact that I was barely earning a profit. After years of long nights, sweat from hard labor, and tears of frustration, I knew I had to make a change. With Prophit I was able to account for things I didn't consider. I could see where my profit margins stood as clear as day, and immediately I made some changes. I want to scream from the rooftops and let small businesses know about this tool! "

   Maile, Founder of Canelé Gourmet Pantry

Numbers after using Prophit:


Substantial increase in avg. net profit per product


3x increase in avg. monthly gross sales


Weekly reduction in hours spent fulfilling orders

Learn how Prophit can help you earn more and scale your business

Have any questions, or not quite sure how it works? Visit the Prophit Help Center

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