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Adding Multiple Recipes to a Product

Prophit allows you to add multiple recipes to a product. Adding multiple recipes works wonders if you have products that include two or more flavors.

To add multiple recipes:

  1. On your product's page, click the green plus sign in the Product Recipes box

  2. Select a recipe from your database using the dropdown menu. Click here to learn how to add a recipe.

  3. Enter in the total items found in your product using the recipe you selected

  4. Enter in the item's weight/volume and select your desired unit measurement

Note: When adding more recipes you have the option of enabling add-ons and are required to connect an item to those recipes. Click here to learn more about add-ons and connecting items.

Adding multiple recipes to one product in Prophit

Note: To remove a recipe from a product, click the green link icon

Removing a recipe from a product in Prophit

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