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Managing Account Information

Keeping up-to-date information helps us to verify your account

In this article:

  1. Managing your login information


Updating your contact information

  1. Your first and last name should reflect the name you entered when signing up. If not, make sure to update your name.

  2. Enter your title

  3. Enter your phone number

  4. Add your profile image by selecting the Camera Icon, then choose your desired image

Prophit contact info

Tip: The more information you provide, the easier it will be for our team to provide helpful support.


Updating your business information

  1. Enter your company name

  2. Select your food category

  3. Enter your website url

  4. Select your country

  5. Enter your business address and address description

  6. Select your city

  7. Select your state

Business information in Prophit

Managing your login information

  1. Your email is locked using the email you signed up with.

  2. Use the Password field to update your password, if necessary


Saving your information

  1. Make sure to save your information by clicking the Save button at the top-right

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