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Adding Packaging

Packaging is often the forgotten expense of product manufacturing. Understanding the cost of your product's packaging and assembly process is important in manufacturing profitable goods.


  • Packaging: List of packaging materials and material quantity

  • Assembly: The process of producing your recipe + items + packaging (equals product)

This article will show you how to add packaging to your database that you'll use to connect to your products.

In this article:


Add your packaging name and materials

  1. To add packaging, hover over Assembly in the side navigation bar and select Packaging

  2. On the Packaging page, click on the Add Packaging button (or click on the New Packaging plus sign at the top-right if you already have packaging in your database).

  3. Enter in your packaging name

  4. In the Packaging box, use the dropdown fields under Name to select a material from your materials database. Click here to learn how to add materials.

  5. Select your unit of measurement (currently, Each (ea) is the only option available)

  6. Enter the quantity of units in your packaging


Add tasks and the time required to assemble your packaging

  1. In the Assembly box, enter each task required to assemble your packaging under the Task column

  2. Enter the time it takes per tasks under the Task Time column. Time format is in hours, minutes, seconds (hh:mm:ss)

Note: Packaging assembly includes adding your product to the package.

Adding your assembly cost for packaging in Prophit

Tip: One package can be connected to multiple products. For example, if you have a similar product with a variety of flavors with the same package type. This makes it easy to update the cost and profit for an unlimited number of products.

Tip: Recording the time for each task multiple times, and using the average will help you get a more accurate number for your true production time.

Tip: Make your tasks as descriptive as possible. It will make handing-off production to a new team member that much easier.


Saving your packaging

Once you have entered all of your packaging information, make sure to click the Save button at the top-right. Once saved, your packaging will display on the Packaging page.

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