Increase your profit. Reduce your costs.

Our Earnings Sheets helps you identify the true costs of your packaged and unpackaged goods, in order to achieve viable profit margins.

Our Fulfillment Sheets speeds up the order preparation process.  You'll know exactly how much raw materials you'll need to fulfill an unlimited number of customer orders.

Grow Your Business with Prophit

We have business essential sheets that serve both food and beverage, and non-food and beverage manufacturers.



Earnings & Fulfillment

Set Profit & Calculate Fulfillment



/one time


Identify & Set Your Profit



/one time

Earnings Sheets


Earnings & Fulfillment Sheets


Just relax. We'll get you started.

Our specialists will set up your entire sheet. We'll build your database of products, review your margins, familiarize you with the fulfillment features, and guide you to improve your business' growth potential.

Starts at $899 one time fee

Includes an Earnings & Fulfillment sheet

Get more with the Prophit app.

Our flagship product is launching soon! The Prophit app delivers automation – continually monitoring the health of your product's profitability, notifying you of cost saving opportunities, providing qualifying leads, and more. The Prophit app is your personal manufacturing consultant.

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