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Reviewing Fulfillment Summary

Everything you need to fulfill your customers' orders is right at your finger tips.

This article will show you the key information to be reviewed before manufacturing your customers' orders.

In this article:


Reviewing Profit Summary

  1. To account for your merchant fee, enter in the number of orders to be fulfilled in the # of Orders field. Click here to learn how to add your merchant fee.

  2. You can now view your total gross sales, costs, and total profit.

Profit Summary in Prophit


Reviewing Production Summary

  1. Optional. Add a cushion to your total assembly time by entering a percent value in the % Cushion field.

  2. Production Summary shows you the number of products, items, and recipes required to fulfill your outstanding orders.

Prophit production summary

Tip: Production Summary allows you to quickly plan for production. Make sure to take note of everything you need to optimize your production run.


Reviewing the ingredients and materials needed

  1. Prophit allows you to see what ingredients are needed up to the container count and material quantity.

  2. In both Inventory columns you can view the ingredients and materials that you have on hand (according to the inventory value you entered for each ingredient or material)

Note: Inventory values shown in red mean you don't have any stock on hand. Orange means you have just enough to fulfill the required number of orders. Green means you have more than enough inventory on hand.

Ingredients and materials summary in Prophit


Reviewing your Resupply Statement

  1. Last but not least is your Resupply Statement which lists the inventory that you don't have on hand, along with the quantity and cost of each. You can also view your total resupply cost.

Resupply statement in Prophit

Tip: Taking advantage of the Resupply Statement will make resupplying your inventory much simpler.

Tip: Sharing the Resupply Statement with your team will make distributing work much easier as your team begins to grow.

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