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Getting Started: Prophit Sheet

Follow along as we guide you through the process of organizing your manufacturing costs and profits using the Prophit Sheet. We'll show you how to add your materials, product assembly, product packaging, and more. Upgrade to our new Prophit platform to further automate your costs and profit.

Step 1: Adding Ingredients and Materials

To begin understanding our costs, we need to add our raw materials to our sheet.


Step 4: Creating a Product Sheet

Let's get our break even cost, choose our sale price, and review our profit margin.


Step 7: Finalizing Fulfillment

Orders are coming in. Let's start using our Prophit sheet for order fulfillment.


Step 2: Adding Recipe and Packaging

Our materials are in. Let's now add our product recipe and packaging.


Step 5: Updating the Summary Sheet

We will add our newly created product to the summary page to quickly review our info.


Step 3: Adding Product Assembly

We are now going to add each tasks and it's timing to get our product assembly time.


Step 6: Connecting Fulfillment

Time to prepare our sheet to fulfill our customer's orders and calculate gross profit.


Still need help?

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