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About Us

In 2017 "Prophit" was a basic spreadsheet that assisted with food and recipe costing. It was a one-in-a-million replica, used by so many bootstrapped entrepreneurs. Before it was a robust solution for food and beverage producers, it scratched a personal itch for our founder, Percy, and his wife, Maile. Together they discovered that they shared a major concern with the vast majority of food founders – they couldn't tell you how much their consumer packaged goods cost to produce or how much profit (or lack of) was generated. They were confronted with an opportunity to satisfy a critical need for small business manufacturers. The idea of Prophit was conceived, and the rest is history.


Today, Prophit helps manufacturers like you increase the profit of your goods through automated food costing, inventory management, and production simplification. Our software stores all of your ingredients, materials, recipes, and products in a cloud. If the price of an ingredient changes, you'll see if your costs increase or decrease for connected recipes and products. Prophit's fulfillment feature saves you a significant amount of time, automatically calculating the raw materials and assembly time required to fulfill your customers' orders. Your production runs will never be interrupted again by inventory shortages.

Our solution best serves:

  • Food and beverage entrepreneurs running most, if not all, business operations (marketing, selling, fulfilling orders, shipping, etc)

  • Established food businesses using manual, outdated processes and activities (spreadsheets, etc)

  • Aspiring food owners and students looking to test the profitability of their product ideas before going to market

We'll do all the calculating for you while you focus on creating world class customer experiences. You can no longer afford to be uninformed about your numbers. Setting healthy profit margins is essential to growing your business. Don't break even, break bread!

If your business is not making a profit, then it's a hobby. I was the sole operator of my business. The busyness of fulfilling customer orders hid the fact that I was barely earning a profit. After years of long nights, sweat from hard labor, and tears of frustration, I knew I had to make a change. With Prophit I was able to account for things I didn't consider. I could see where my profit margins stood as clear as day, and immediately I made some changes. I want to scream from the rooftops and let small businesses know about this tool! "

 –  Maile, Founder of Canelé Gourmet Pantry

Numbers after using Prophit:

250% increase in average net profit per product

330% increase in average monthly gross sales

15 hours a week saved fulfilling customer orders

More About the Founder


Percy Swint

Founder of Prophit Technologies

Percy is a god-fearing man, husband, father (with his 2nd child on the way), and a product designer. Before Prophit, he helped companies improve their branding and online presence. Percy is passionate about creating digital experiences that simplify business operations, streamline daily work-flows, and increase revenue. He's a Philadelphia native and Penn State alumni, who now resides in Los Angeles. Read Building Prophit (coming soon), to learn more about Percy's journey and go behind the scenes and follow the evolution of Prophit!

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