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Maximize profit and streamline your food & beverage business

Save time and make money with intelligent cost tracking and inventory management. We remove the guesswork so you can focus on creating foods that grow your business.
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Explore our amazing features

Eliminate the need for tedious manual calculations when tracking your food costs and free up valuable time for other operations important to your food business.

Calculate true costs

Automatically track the cost of your recipes, packaging, and labor.

Fulfill orders faster

Toss the spreadsheets! See your fulfillment details in seconds.

Review Profit

Test the profitability of new products before you market them.

Easy and intuitive

Manage your materials and products with a simple user interface.


Track your food and packaging costs effortlessly

Our system provides automated cost tracking, eliminating the need for manual tracking using spreadsheets. This ensures accurate and timely cost analysis without any effort, enabling you to make informed decisions and improve profitability.



Optimize production efficiency and reduce your assembly time

Our platform allows you to manage your production run and assembly time efficiently. You can optimize production schedules and make better use of your resources, ensuring timely completion of orders.


Save time and money with smart inventory tracking

Our platform automatically tracks the inventory and waste for the ingredients that make your products, enabling you to manage them more efficiently. This reduces the risk of stock outages or overstocking, saving you money and time.


"If your business is not making a profit, then it's a hobby. I was the sole operator of my business. The busyness of fulfilling customer orders hid the fact that I was barely earning a profit. With Prophit I was able to account for things I didn't consider"

Canelé Gourmet Pantry

Dessert Manufacturer

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Numbers after using Prophit

250% increase in average net profit per product

330% increase in average monthly gross sales

15 hours a week saved fulfilling customer orders

  • When are commissions paid out?
    Payments are made on the 15th of each month.
  • How do you track conversions?
    Conversions are tracked through your unique link provided by our partnership tracking software, Tapfiliate.
  • Can I refer myself on a subscription?
    We don't allow self referrals. You earn commission by recommending other food and beverage companies.
  • Are my product recipes accessible to the public?
    No, your product recipes and processes involved in manufacturing your products are not accessible to the public as they are held confidentially. We have implemented strict security measures to protect your proprietary information and prevent it from being replicated by competitors. See our Privacy Policy for more information.
  • Who is Prophit for?
    Prophit's technology solutions are designed specifically for the food and beverage industry, providing tailored support for small to mid-sized businesses. By utilizing Prophit's automated inventory management and streamlining production processes, wholesale manufacturers, CPG brands, caterers, bakers, beverage producers, and other like businesses can save time and reduce costs.
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Try Prophit today

Streamline your production costs and take your food and beverage business to the next level

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