The tool that puts more money in your pocket for each product sold

The easiest way to jumpstart profitability, while juggling all aspects of your food and beverage, manufacturing business. 

How we promote your small business'
growth, by saving you time and money


First thing's first. We help make sure your food products return scalable profit margins. Healthy margins that grant access to growth.

Bakery Order

Order Fulfillment

No more manual calculations or spreadsheets. Immediately know the amount of materials, recipes, and time needed to fulfill orders.


Recipes, packaging, and assembly costs

Get a bird's eye view of your products and true production costs. We track the cost of your ingredients, materials, recipes, packaging, and the time is takes to assemble your goods, in order to help you determine favorable profit margins.

Fulfill orders faster.

Fulfilling orders on-demand? Put the spread sheets, and pen and paper down! You can instantly see everything you need from raw materials to total production time required to fulfill an unlimited number of customer orders.

Layered Blueberry Dessert
Baking Together

Manage your profit

Our auto-calculations will quickly show you if you're losing money, breaking even, or making a profit. We even make it possible for you to test the profitability of new products before you introduce them to the market.