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Signing Up for an Account

You’re ready to create your new Prophit account. Here’s how to get started:

To sign up:

  1. Select your subscription plan on our pricing page.

  2. Start by adding your business email address, a secure password, and check the box to accept Prophit's Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Click Continue.

  3. We'll send a One Time Passcode (OTP) to the provided email. Locate the code in your inbox and then copy and paste the 6 digit code into the field. Then click Verify.

  4. Next, add your payment and billing information. Click Subscribe, once all information has been entered.

  5. Once your account is created, provide your first and last name, and your title. Click Next.

  6. Then enter your company's name and business category.

  7. Click Dashboard and you'll get instant access to your new dashboard

Signing up in Prophit

One Time Passcode

Providing Personal Info

Providing Company Info

Ready to pave your way to profitability? Learn how to get started with the Getting Started Guide.

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