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Getting Started Guide

At this point you have signed up for a new account and have selected your subscription type. Upon logging in to your new account, you will see the Getting Started guide. The goal of this guide is to familiarize you with the tools, interface, and get you up to speed with adding your first product.

The guide includes 15 essential steps to help you set your business up for success using Prophit. Those steps include:

  1. Adding your business information

  2. Adding your suppliers

  3. Adding your customers

  4. Adding your ingredients

  5. Adding your materials

  6. Updating your stock

  7. Creating a purchase order

  8. Create your recipes

  9. Create your packaging

  10. Create your products

  11. Mark an order as 'In Progress'

  12. Mark an order as 'Shipped'

Onboarding dashboard with Prophit

Onboarding dashboard with Prophit

Once these 15 steps are completed, your dashboard should look something like this:

Prophit Dashboard

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