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Adding an Order

Adding orders in Prophit allows you to plan and track the output of your resources – like ingredients and materials – to ensure your stock count stays up to date, and customer orders are fulfilled in a timely manner.


  • Order: List of products to be made for a customer

  • Assembly: The process of producing your recipe + items + packaging (equals product)

This article will show you how to:


Add your customer and products

  1. To add a new order, click Fulfillment in the side navigation bar

  2. On the Fulfillment page, click on the New Order button

  3. Select your customer from the dropdown menu

  4. Prophit automatically generates an order # for you but you can change it in the Order # field, if desired.

  5. A date for delivery will also generate automatically, 7 days from the created date, but you can select a date in the Delivery Deadline field.

  6. Next, select the products your customer ordered along with their quantities

Adding a fulfillment order in Prophit


Reviewing your Profit Summary

In the Profit Summary card, you can view the order's gross sales, production costs, card processing fee, and total profit (or loss) for that order. The production costs are broken down into your cost for assembly, ingredients, and materials.

Viewing order profit summary in Prophit


Review order requirements

Prophit enables you to see what is required to produce any single order. In the Resupply Status card, you'll know instantly if you have enough resources in stock to manufacture an order. You'll know if you are all stocked, or if you need to replenish inventory, or if you're out of stock expecting resources to arrive via purchase order.

Prophit resupply status

Note: The resupply status takes into account the order's ranking in the fulfillment queue. For example, imagine you have 1,000 grams of flour in stock. You have two orders using that same ingredient; order A and order B. Order A needs 800 grams and order B needs 400 grams. Since order A is ranked above order B, the system will prioritize it first and assume it will use 800 grams of flour – leaving only 200 grams left. Order B needs 400 grams, but since there's only 200 grams expected to be left, the system will recognize there's not enough flour in stock to fulfill order B.

By clicking the View Requirements button in the Resupply Status card, or by clicking the Requirements tab, you can view the order's production requirements: the number of recipes, items, and packages that need to be made. You'll also be able to view all the resources – ingredients and materials – required to make each component.

Prophit order requirements

Tip: Adding a cushion to your assembly time in the Cushion field allows you to account for tasks in between your production processes. Think of tasks that are required outside of making the product. It could be washing dishes, transferring resources, preparing equipment, etc.

Prophit order requirements

Note: The In Stock column shows the total number of units in stock for each resource. Stock highlighted in:

  • Green means that you have enough in stock

  • Red means you are missing stock and need to replenish it

  • Yellow means stock is missing, but you have an open purchase order that fulfills that need


Submitting your order

  1. Once you have entered all of your order's information and reviewed production requirements, make sure to click the Submit button at the top-right. Once submitted, your order will display on the Fulfillment page.

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