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Adding an Item

Items account for the assembly time and cost after your recipe has been created.


  • Item: An item is a portion of your recipe. For example, one batch of cookie dough makes 10 cookies, which equals 10 items.

  • Add-On Ingredient: An add-on ingredient is an ingredient that is added onto your item after the recipe is made. For example, after you make a batch of popcorn, you might add caramel on one item, and/or chili seasoning on another. Both the caramel and chili seasoning would be considered add-on ingredients.

  • Recipe: List of ingredients and ingredient volume

  • Assembly: The process of producing your recipe + items + packaging (equals product)

This article will show you how to add items from your recipes that you'll use to connect to your products.

In this article:


Add item name and weight

  1. Navigate to the recipe that you'd like to create an item for. If you're creating a new recipe, you have to first fill in the recipe's ingredients and assembly tasks before creating an item.

  2. In the Items card, click Add Item

  3. On the new item's page, enter in your item's name and weight (in grams)

Prophit Item Page


Add your item's add-on ingredients

Adding add-on ingredients to your item is optional. If your item has add-on ingredients, follow these steps:

  1. Toggle on Item Add-On Ingredients

  2. Add your ingredients and ingredient volume per item

Note: By toggling on Item Add-On Ingredients, you will be required to add your Item Assembly tasks and time. More on that below.


Add your item's assembly time

Unless you have add-on ingredients, adding additional time for item assembly is optional. For example, beverage type recipes (like juices, teas, etc), it's likely that no additional assembly is required. If you need to record time specific to your item, follow these steps:

  1. In the Item Assembly card, enter each task required to assemble your item under the Task column

  2. Enter in the total time it took to make a single item per task, under the Time Per Item column. Time format is in hours, minutes, seconds (hh:mm:ss)

Adding your assembly costs for items in Prophit

Note: Item assembly does NOT include the steps required to make your recipe. For example, if you make a chocolate chip cookie dough recipe, the time it takes to scoop and roll each piece will be the only tasks recorded here. Recipe time will be recorded on the Recipes page. Click here to learn more about recipes.

Tip: When recording the time to make an item, it's a good practice to produce a larger volume of items and get the average of each, in order to achieve an accurate assembly time per item.

Tip: One item can be connected to multiple products. For example, if it takes me 10 seconds to roll one ball of cookie dough, I can use that same time whether I have a product that has 4 cookies or 20 cookies. This makes it easy to update the cost and profit for an unlimited number of products.

Tip: Make your tasks as descriptive as possible. It will make handing-off production to a new team member that much easier.


Saving your item

  1. Once you have entered all of your item's information, make sure to click the Save button at the top-right. Once saved, your item will display on the connected recipe's page.

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