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Adding a Product

Take control of your business and create products with sufficient profit margins; margins that allow you to grow and scale your business.


  • Product: The combination of your recipe + items + packaging

  • Add-On: Ingredients added on to your items (i.e. sprinkles, coating, nuts, etc)

  • Item: An item is a portion of your recipe. For example, one batch of cookie dough makes 10 cookies, which equals 10 items.

This article will show you how to add your products and connect them to your recipes, items, and packaging to get your products' cost and profit.

In this article:


Add your product name and sell price

  1. To add a new product, select Products in the side navigation bar

  2. On the Products page, click on the Add Product button (or click on the New Product plus sign at the top-right if you already have products in your database).

  3. Enter in your product's name

  4. Enter your product's sell price

Adding sell price on Prophit

Tip: If you have a lot of products (especially products that share the same recipe, item, and/or packaging), you want to make your product name as detailed as possible. For example, 25pc Mint Chocolate Truffles Case has a good naming structure that includes: the number of items, flavor, and package type.


Add product image

  1. Click Upload Image

  2. Browse your local computer's drive to find your desired product image and select it

Uploading product image on Prophit

Tip: Choose an image that clearly distinguishes your product from the others


Connect your product's recipe

  1. In the Product Recipes box, select a recipe from your database using the dropdown menu. Click here to learn how to add a recipe.

  2. Enter in the total items found in your product using the recipe you selected

  3. Enter in the item's weight/volume and select your desired unit measurement

Selecting product recipe on Prophit

Tip: Prophit allows you to add multiple recipes to a product. For example, if you manufacture a 6 piece box of truffles and each piece is a different flavor, adding multiple recipes on your product's page will allow you to see the cost of each flavor (and each recipe). Click here to learn how to add more recipes.


Optional. Add your product add-ons

  1. Select the Enable Add Ons toggle

  2. In the Product Add-Ons box, select your ingredient in the dropdown field. Click the green plus sign if you have more add-on ingredients to apply

  3. Enter in the weight/volume per item in the Qty / Item column and select your desired unit measurement

Prophit recipes and add-ons

Prophit add-ons

Note: To delete an add-on, hover over the desired ingredient and click the red x icon.

Deleting product recipe add-ons in Prophit


Connect your product's packaging

  1. In the Product Packaging box, select your product's packaging in the dropdown field. Click here to learn how to add packaging.

Choosing your product's packaging in Prophit


Connect your product's item

  1. In the Product Assembly box, select your product's recipe item in the dropdown menu.

Choosing your item in Prophit


Saving your product

  1. Once you have entered all of your product's information, make sure to click the Save button at the top-right. Once saved, your product will display on the Products page.

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