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Managing a Purchase Order

Creating purchase orders allow you to automatically update your stock when resources – ingredients and materials – are marked as 'received'.


  • Purchase Order (PO): List of resources to be purchased from a supplier

This article will show you how to:


Create a purchase order

  1. To add a new purchase order, click Inventory in the side navigation bar, and click Purchase Orders

  2. On the Purchase Orders page, click on the New Purchase Order button

  3. Select your supplier from the dropdown menu

  4. Prophit automatically generates a PO # for you but you can change it in the PO # field, if desired.

  5. An expected date will also generate automatically, 7 days from the created date, but you can select a date in the Expected Arrival Date field.

  6. Next, select the resources you need along with their quantities

  7. Click the Save button to save your purchase order

Adding a purchase order in Prophit


Mark a purchase order as received

On the Purchase Orders page, in the status column, click the status dropdown button for the desired PO, and click Received

Receiving purchase orders in Prophit

You can also mark individual resources within a purchase orders as 'Received'. Marking at least one product as 'Received', will automatically mark the entire purchase order as 'Partially Received'

Receiving purchase orders in Prophit


Delete a purchase order

On the Purchase Orders page, hover over the desired PO, click the ellipses button (3 dots) and click Delete. Click Delete again to confirm.

Deleting a purchase order in Prophit

You can also delete multiple purchase orders by selecting the checkboxes and then click Delete. Click Delete again to confirm.

Deleting a purchase order in Prophit

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