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Managing Stock

Prophit enables you to manage and get a bird's-eye-view of your resources stock – ingredients and materials.


  • Purchase Order (PO): List of resources to be purchased from a supplier

This article will show you how to:


Understand your stock table

Your stock table allows you to toggle between your stored ingredients and materials. Both tables are going to have resources that display the following:

  • Stock value. How much your stock on hand is worth

  • Units in stock. Units you currently have available

  • Expected units. How many units are expected to be received via purchase orders

  • Reserved. How many units are needed for fulfillment via orders (that have not been marked 'In Progress')

  • Short/Over. Prophit takes into account the units in stock + expected units, and subtracts units needed to reveal if your stock levels are short or over. Resources that are short will highlight in red, while those that are over will highlight in green.

Tip: Clicking the Buy button on resources that are short will automatically open a new purchase order that already includes missing inventory.

Viewing your resource stock in Prophit


Edit your stock

To edit all your stock at once, click the Edit Stock button in the upper right-hand corner.

Receiving purchase orders in Prophit

Then, edit your ingredients and materials stock accordingly. After updating your inventory, click Save.

Receiving purchase orders in Prophit

Note: Depending on how you purchase your resources and their package type (unit, case, or pallet), that's what fields will be available to edit. The Partial field shows you how much of a resource is left for a single unit.

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